Geophysics in a general sense includes the physics of the earth, atmosphere and oceans. Geophysics is the study of various physical parameters of the Earth. The origin of this science is due to Gilbert’s discovery in the second half of the 16th century that the earth acts like a big magnet and Newton’s theory of gravity. It goes back to the second half of the 17th century. Today, this science, by using other basic sciences, is a knowledge with many applications and is divided into many branches. The main task of geophysics is to study the physical processes that occur in the planet earth and the solar system. Knowing the phenomena related to the transformation of the solid earth, atmosphere and oceans is necessary to meet the basic needs of human life; For example, it can be attributed to the growing need to discover new sources of energy, exploration of minerals and underground water reserves, prediction of natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, flood and drought, as well as finding ways to reduce the destructive effect of these phenomena.Based on this need and necessity for the development of geophysical science, the International Union of Research Council (IUS) and the International Union of Sciences (IUS) from July 1957 to December 1958 called the year of geophysics. He called and asked all the different nations for global cooperation to develop and advance this science. In line with the realization of this goal, the Institute of Geophysics of Tehran University was founded in 1957 according to 1336 A.H., with the efforts of the late Professor Hossein Kashi Afshar. became

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