Digging to achieve a specific goal is called drilling, something that human beings have done for years, both instinctively and in a planned and purposeful way, to achieve what they want to achieve. Of course, drilling is a calculated, complex, difficult, costly and time-consuming task that, if done correctly, will bring great results and achievements. Man owes much of his discovery to this work, which you will learn about in this article.

This article seeks to answer questions such as “What is drilling?” How is the mine drilled? What is extraction drilling? What are the characteristics of exploratory drilling? What are drilling machines and equipment? ”

Ultimate specialization in mine drilling

Drilling in the mine requires special measures, because in order to penetrate the rock and crush it, it is necessary to dig explosive holes and place explosives inside them. Explosion of these holes causes the rocks to be crushed and the mining work takes on its original form. Engineering calculations for blasting and other stages in mining can be considered one of the most complex methods that ultimately make mining possible.

Before dealing with a variety of drilling methods such as extractive drilling and exploratory drilling, it is necessary to ease your mind about the existence of a reputable brand in the field of manufacturing drilling equipment and machinery.

What is the top brand in designing and manufacturing drilling machinery and equipment?

The fact is that the look of drilling should be a completely scientific and technical look, because it is done based on special calculations. When drilling in a mine, these scientific calculations become much bolder, because safety is paramount here.

What is certain is that drilling technical and engineering measures require special machinery and equipment, and this is where a completely specialized company comes into play. Armico; It is a name that is a well-known brand in the field of design and production of drilling machines and equipment, because the design and manufacture of stone drilling machines, drilling machines (sampling), sampling (drilling), in-well hammers (DTH Hammer) ) Drills chainsaws and rubber wheels, drilling supplies and tools, and piston and vane pneumatic motors in the best way.

The company uses the latest technologies (drilling technology training course) to design and manufacture drilling machines and equipment, and the accuracy in designing and increasing the coefficient of this accuracy in the construction of machinery and equipment is an issue that makes Armico a leading company in The field of design and manufacture of drilling machinery and equipment has changed.
Design and production of drilling machines for work in mines, tunnels, dams and road construction projects, geothermal, earth pits and nailing drilling, production of drilling tools and equipment such as drilling rods, shanks, bushes and powerhouses, design and production of machinery Coring, participation in the implementation of exploratory drilling projects and sampling and consulting on the selection of drilling machinery and equipment, as well as the selection of drilling methods suitable for specific projects, is a set of services of this company.

Now that you are familiar with a well-known brand in the field of drilling, it is time to introduce you to the two categories of extractive drilling and exploratory drilling.


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