Exploratory drilling of Narges 2 iron ore mine located in Badroud Kashan

employerNagin Hadid Asia Co
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Project details :

Excavations with H and N size 200 meters deep and angles up to 25 degrees 120 days contract until the end of March 1401 The volume is 1000 meters and can be increased up to 2000 meters. Geology of the area: The area is located in the Badroud city of Isfahan province / in the middle part of the Urmia-Dakhtar magmatic arc, the rock units in the area of ​​the deposit are a collection of Eocene volcanic and pyroclastic rocks with a combination of andesite, andesite basalt, tuff and Eocene pyroclastics, which are formed by intrusive masses with The composition of granodiorite, monzodiorite and granite is interrupted. The main ore rock in this deposit is andesitic and pyroclastic lava.

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