Exploratory drilling project of Nukan Bahabad coal mine, drilling to a depth of 120 meters and an angle of 25 degrees

the employerBozormehr Adrien Bahamin Company
ServicesAdvice, implementation
HistoryMarch 1400
پروژه حفاری اکتشافی معدن هماتیت اژدهاتو زنجان
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Project details:

Exploratory drilling of Nukan Bahabad coal mine Employer (client): Bozormehr Adrien Bahamin Company The start date of the mid-March 1400 project is being worked on, and due to the increase in the volume of drilling (based on the type of work and encountering coal layers at different depths) and the extension of the contract, the end date of the work is not known. Excavation in this mine is done up to a depth of 120 meters and an angle of 25 degrees and wireline system with XY4 device and size H and N. The lithology of the Hajdak Formation (equivalent to the Shamshak Formation) includes arkose sandstone, artokuartzite sandstone, green-gray shales, marl, siltstone, and limestones with outcrops of veins and coal layers.

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