Extraction and drilling Geotechnics and geomechanics Executor and designer Road and building projects
Geo Kavan Parsian

Geo Kavan Parsian

Technical and engineering services, commercial affairs and sale and purchase of minerals and equipment related to the production of equipment and parts

Mining in the mine

Geo Kavan Parsian Company is able to cooperate with all mines and mining projects by using specialized personnel and up-to-date equipment and machinery.

eotechnical drilling

Various exploration sections such as exploration, preparation of topographic maps at different scales, preparation of geological maps at different scales, geophysics (magnetometry and IP / RS), geochemistry, remote sensing, drilling and stock estimation in all mines Metal, industrial soils and building stones

Upgrad knowledge

To optimize the extraction method, optimal use of raw materials, improve product quality and increase productivity in mines

Exploration in mines

Detection of subsoil in geotechnical studies and deep mine exploration


Why Geocavan Parsian?

We are ready to provide services with the best equipment and the highest experience in the implementation of various projects

  • Creative and professional team
  • Honest and committed
  • Technical Services
  • Commercial and manufacturing services

Who are we?

Services and records of Geo Kavan Parsian

Since its establishment, the company has designed visions and goals for itself, taking into account the abundant mineral potentials of the country, some of which are as follows:

Identifying the country’s mines and using modern engineering sciences to explore, extract and extract minerals.
Upgrading technical knowledge to optimize extraction methods, optimal use of raw materials, improving product quality and increasing productivity in mines.
Attract, cooperate and train specialists and technologists in various fields of mining.

Geo Kavan Parsian Company, executor and designer of road and construction projects in the country

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