About Geo Kavan Parsian

Geocavan Parsian Commercial and Engineering Services Company has started its activities in the three main sections of technical, commercial and production services since 2007. The main activities of the company are related to technical and engineering services, commercial affairs and sale and purchase of minerals and equipment related to the production of related equipment and parts.

Goals and plans

Since its establishment, the company has designed visions and goals for itself, taking into account the abundant mineral potentials of the country, some of which are as follows:

Identifying the country’s mines and using modern engineering sciences to explore, extract and extract minerals.
Upgrading technical knowledge to optimize extraction methods, optimal use of raw materials, improving product quality and increasing productivity in mines.
Attract, cooperate and train specialists and technologists in different fields of mining.
Scientific and technical cooperation with organizations, institutions and university centers.
Mineral recovery at home and abroad and export and import of minerals.
Production, scientific sale and purchase of machinery, equipment and tools related to the mining sector.
Maintain close relationships with customers and adhere to the principle of customer orientation.
Execution and implementation of all projects by observing the principles of safety, high quality and quantity and maximum profitability.

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