Drilling services in Geo Kavan Parsian

Drilling services are, in short, services provided for the exploration, exploitation and development of mines. These services can include sound drilling, sampling and core drilling, or exploratory drilling. As it is clear to you dear readers, drilling services are the basis for the development and exploitation of mines in the country.

Perhaps contrary to what many imagine, the mining industry is booming not only in Iran, but in the industrial world. With the invention of new equipment and the advancement of technology, drilling machines have become better every day than yesterday, they can extract and process valuable materials and minerals with higher efficiency. For this reason, investing in drilling equipment is an attractive investment market.

What are the most important drilling services?

To describe drilling services, one must first classify the types of mine drilling operations. Certainly the type of material to be extracted will affect the details of our drilling operations. These categories include metals, mineral ores, coal, and other minerals. Drilling services can also be performed on the ground or deep or at sea.

There is an importance of drilling services in the type of operation and review of its operations. In fact, there are many parts to the progress of a drilling project, which we will discuss in the following types of drilling services.

Types of drilling services

By dividing mines into different categories, we can identify different types of drilling services. These include the most important drilling services in the mining industry.

Mineral sampling

You may know that one of the most challenging areas of mining is exploration. Mining engineers and expert geologists, after examining the geological evidence, conclude that the soil layers in some areas must contain certain minerals. Their hypotheses should be examined before starting the extraction operation. This is done by mineral sampling and sampling.

Of course, sampling and sampling may also be done to obtain information about the condition of the mines. Much of the information used in exploration to locate mines has also been obtained by sampling.

One of the drilling equipments used in this situation is the wall pipe. A wall pipe is a cylinder used in drilling services to separate a wellbore from the reservoir environment. The purpose of this is to prevent the well wall from collapsing.

Drilling operation steps

Of course, to start drilling services, special preparations must be made with the help of project management and planning with the help of work failure structure. The first step is to take over the location of the well. After preparing and inspecting the location of the well, celery, sewage pits and other necessities, drilling equipment will be installed on site. Of course, these steps are different in shallow water.

The next step is to plan and control the operation. The most important steps are data collection (list of essential and deliverable items, deliverables), preparation of a strategic plan including risk and quality management and forecasting, macro planning and project control system. As a result, we can make decisions about budgeting and allocating costs.

Here are some of the most important drilling rigs. In drilling engineering, our goal is to build a well and direct it to the mines. In the past, drilling was usually done by tapping a steel cylinder and crushing the rocks and then extracting the extra material.

This method is obsolete today and drilling or drilling is used. In this method, the drill bit rotates in a circular motion to create the drilling well path. The most important drilling service equipment includes the following:

Drilling rig
Drill wagon drilling machine
Drilling pipe string
Dredging equipment and machine
Drilling pipe
Outer tube (crown)
Light drilling machine (Aras)
Drill (Bit)
Roswell Drilling Machine
Wall (Casing)
DTH drilling hammer
Engines & Movable Tools
A parallel hole
Rod Drilling
Drilling head
Shang and Coupling
Pneumatic motors
Control valves and safety equipment (Christmas Tree)
Tanks and purification equipment

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