Coring exploratory drilling project of Snowon iron ore mine
employerSaha Sang Co
date 2021
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Project details :

Project: exploratory core drilling of Snowon iron ore mine Location: Qorve city/ Sanghar road/ Kurdistan province Employer: Saha Sang Company The contract period is 120 days until the end of 1401 Excavation volume: 600 meters and can be increased to 1000 meters The depth of the boreholes is up to 150 meters and the angle is up to 20 degrees Drilling size: NQ Geology: Snowon iron ore mine is located in Qorve city of Kurdistan province and in the Sanandaj area of ​​Sirjan. The type of this mine is skarn and related to thermal metamorphism processes and the result of the contact of diorite, granodiorite and gabbroic intrusive igneous masses with limestone.

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