exploratory drilling project of hematite mine of Azhadato Zanjan, drilling to a depth of 50 meters and an angle of 20 degrees

employerDamavand Mining Company under Mustafafan Foundation
ServicesAdvice, implementation
HistoryAugust 1401
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Project details:

Exploratory drilling of hematite mine in Azhadhatou, Zanjan Client: Damavand Mining Company, a subsidiary of Mustafafan Foundation The starting date is from the beginning of August 1401 to the end of December 1401 Excavation in this mine is done up to a depth of 50 meters and an angle of 20 degrees with wireline system and size H. The mentioned site includes dolomite layers (Bindur Formation) and other non-karst formations such as siliceous shales and gray clay (Chapqalo Member), sandstone and mica shale, and part of andesite intrusive masses which are rich in iron oxides. (mostly hematite) The aim of the project is to determine the reserve of hematite mineral.

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